Privacy Statement

605 Data

605 is an independent TV advertising and content measurement company, providing TV analytics to its customers based on a data set containing over 20 million viewing households (“TV Viewership Panel”). 605 does not independently collect any data directly from consumers, nor does it sell any information that identifies, relates to, describes, is capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, with a particular consumer or household. Instead, 605 licenses data from reputable third-party sources (“Data Vendors”) pursuant to agreements which ensure that all of the data provided to 605, including data in its TV Viewership Panel, is provided on an anonymous and deidentified basis, and does not contain personally identifiable information such as an individual’s name, date of birth, postal address, email address, telephone number, passport number, or social security number. Each Data Vendor represents and warrants that it has complied with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as its own privacy policies, in the collection and the provision of such data to 605.

605 associates unique household identifiers with its TV Viewership Panel. 605 uses external, independent third-party safe havens to match different datasets, such as demographic attributes or purchase information, to its TV Viewership Panel. Because of its strict procedures preventing reidentification, and the use of third-party safe havens, 605 has no way of ascertaining what data relates to any particular household or consumer. 605 also maintains technical safeguards that prohibit and prevent any data from being decompiled, reidentified, reverse engineered or otherwise so as to identify the particular household in its Viewership Panel. 605’s policies and procedures are also designed to prevent any inadvertent release of deidentified information.

From time to time, 605 may receive internet protocol addresses from third party clients (“IP Addresses”). These IP Addresses are not associated with any personally identifiable information and do not identify or link to any particular consumer or household. 605 maintains these IP Addresses for a limited period of time in a privacy compliant manner solely for the purpose of measuring the impact of an advertisement on web traffic on behalf of third-party clients. 605 promptly deletes the IP Addresses following the completion of these client analytics.

Client Analytics Based on 605 Licensed Data

All TV data analytics provided by 605 to customers (through 605 or through a 605 partner) that are based on data received from our Data Vendors are provided in a deidentified form, and do not contain any personally identifiable information, nor is any household level TV viewing information ever provided to 605 customers. As an added protection, 605 also requires that its clients represent and warrant that they will not associate any personally identifiable information with data analytics provided by 605.

Information Security

605 is committed to the security of its datasets and we use appropriate technologies and procedures to protect our data. Our information security practices, including administrative, technical and physical safeguards, are designed to ensure that our Vendor Data is protected. In addition, 605 communicates our privacy and security guidelines to all employees and ensures that they are strictly enforced throughout the company. We continually strive to update our policies and procedures in order to continually improve safeguards for the protection of any data maintained at 605.

605’s Data Vendors – California Consumer Privacy Act

605 receives deidentified household-level data from its TV Viewership Panel Data Vendors, to which it may append other data (such as demographic attributes or purchase data) through third party safe havens. Deidentified household data used by 605 in providing data analytics to clients will only include households from Data Vendors comprising the 605 TV Viewership Panel. 605 cannot determine whether it maintains data on any particular household or individual because of the deidentified manner in which TV Viewership Panel data is licensed to 605. If you are a California resident, you can visit the following websites to determine if these 605 TV Viewership Panel Data Vendors have information related to you:

If you elect to opt out of the collection of information by these TV Viewership Panel Data Vendors, 605 will no longer receive deidentified (or any other) data regarding your household from these Data Vendors.

If your household is not included in the TV Viewership Panel Data Vendors listed above, or if it is and you exercise opt out rights through the foregoing links, information regarding your household will not be provided to 605 by its Data Vendors.