About 605

At 605, we see a transformed marketplace through insights that allow advertisers to understand, anticipate and activate consumer motivation.


Provide the market with unbiased, neutral measurements and insights to allow for the greatest ability to facilitate return on investment and allow them to transact with confidence.


We pride ourselves on our stringent attention to privacy compliance, ETL processes, data quality and governance.


Accurate measurement provides a key foundation for all that follows in the media lifecycle. Our careful and scientific approach to activating our currency-grade, long term data supply is the basis for all calculations to follow.


Our ability to scale quickly with virtually any data set, address large market needs and remain unbiased and neutral is our guarantee to quality measurement and prediction for our clients.

It’s very simple. Our product solutions make your ad dollars work smarter.


605 is a next generation measurement and attribution company focused on driving innovation in the utilization of data to create, execute and measure advanced advertising campaigns.

We help clients maximize media spend with unbiased, neutral measurement and insights which facilitate return on investment and allow them to transact with confidence. Brands, agencies and programmers can finally utilize traditional television advertising in the same way they have been using digital advertising since its inception.


605 offers linear TV data and advanced viewership insights to brands at scale by means of our proprietary products. Our solutions meet unique requirements for advertisers looking to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing dollars, providing clients with custom solutions in measurement, attribution and cross-platform.

605’s overarching value to the market is realized by helping clients understand and target advanced audiences in a way that allows them to understand individual behaviors in a privacy-compliant manner.

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