TV Measurement & Analysis for Advanced Audiences

A self-service, web-based application that reports TV viewership of programming and advertising by custom defined (advanced) audiences.

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Better Data

Start with 22M real, known households and see viewership across devices.

Our deterministically-sourced live and time-shifted set-top box viewership data is co-mingled with Smart TV viewing information to provide high-confidence national representation for complete measurement of the entire U.S. TV viewing population.

Unparalleled Cross
Platform Measurement

Better Insights

Create a deterministic TV identity layer for the television industry.

Even the best data sources are only as good as their matching rights, and we’ve solved for that. Our secured matching rights allow us to augment actual household data with digital and real-world behaviors while being privacy compliant.

Tangible Metrics To Improve
Marketing Impact Over Time

Better Outcomes

Build a flexible and performant self-serve web-based application.

Lightweight yet powerful, our dashboards fully activate TV viewing data to deliver critical information regarding your custom-designed audiences and metrics. Easily query the 605 TV universe to perform ongoing measurement, attribution and analytics.

Always On Campaign
Measurement & Attribution

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Our live and time-shifted viewership data from 22M households powers the future of TV measurement & attribution.