“Always On” TV Measurement & Analytics

605 PLATFORM enables programmers, agencies, MVPDs and buy/sell side clients to understand programming & advertising viewership across live, DVR, and VOD.

Discover who watches what, where, and when. Build and configure reports using industry-standard metrics and custom-defined audiences for more efficient planning and optimization.

Data-Driven Planning

Start with unparalleled data that includes 34M known households, providing national representation for complete measurement of the entire U.S. TV viewing population.

Utilize the information to aid in campaign planning with improved reach for the desired target audience, and get insights on how competitors are reaching audiences.

Robust Measurement Insights

Build and configure reports using industry-standard metrics like the average audience, reach, frequency & more. All metrics are calculated, and timestamps are analyzed using viewership data.

Learn what audience to focus on, identify more efficient ways to reach your desired audience, and gain competitive insights around ad placements.

Informed Optimizations

Drive campaign performance by shifting strategies and tactics based on informed measurement insights. Fuel optimization for better overall campaign performance.

Fully activate TV viewing data with our visualization dashboards. Get critical information for custom-designed audiences and metrics, and dive deeper into reporting for an easy query, and ongoing analytics.

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