Deterministic Attribution Solutions for Brands, Agencies and Programmers

A self-serve platform to measure the impact of linear and cross platform campaigns on influencing consumer behaviors.

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Study outcomes from deterministic data, at scale.

605 IMP4CT is built on top of a massive, 100% matchable, deterministic dataset spanning 22MM anonymized households. After scientific normalization and projection, this data creates a deterministic identity layer for the entire U.S. viewing population, providing a census-style foundation for the most accurate attribution solutions in the industry.

Full Funnel

Analyze any audience, action or outcome.

605 IMP4CT allows clients to use any 1st or 3rd party data to define custom audiences, actions and outcomes, empowering them to understand the impact of campaigns on the audiences and results they truly care about. 605 IMP4CT will also feature Random Control Trials to deliver causal insights that fuel outcome-driven planning for advertisers, brands and programmers.

Cross Platform

Gain a complete view of TV and cross channel ad exposure.

605 IMP4CT harnesses data from both live and time shifted TV for a complete view of TV ad exposure. When combined with the ability to ingest digital exposure data, 605 IMP4CT provides advertisers and programmers with a granular understanding of how cross platform and cross screen campaigns influence consumer behavior and actions.

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Our attribution platform delivers deep insights to fuel cross channel planning and optimization for brands, agencies and programmers.