Data Made Simple With Attribution Solutions

605 IMP4CT provides “Always On” Attribution reporting to brands, agencies, and programmers. Measure the impact of linear and cross platform campaigns on influencing consumer behaviors.

Access your executive summary with key insights and outcomes with our data visualization dashboard. Build and configure custom reports and targets to showcase more impactful insights, and inform future strategies in near real-time.

Impactful Results

Tune-in: Understand the effect of ad promo on tune-in behavior and correlate exposure directly to a series, episode or an entire season.

Outcomes: Connect ad exposure to desired outcomes via 605 data feed. Outcomes include, but are not limited to, visits, sales, etc.

Powerful Capabilities

Cross Industry data partnerships provide a wide variety of behavioral analysis capabilities such as in-store visitation, sales, and more.

Clients can send first-party data for analysis, build and configure custom reports and targets, and showcase impactful insights in near real-time.

Deterministic Data

All Attribution results are built from a massive 100% matchable dataset, spanning 34MM anonymized households.

Data is nationally projected to the viewing population, providing a census-style foundation for the most accurate attribution solutions in the industry.

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